Apeks Kit For Diving Regulators Xtx 50 + Octopus Xtx 50

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Configure your new apeks XTX 50 + Octopus XTX 50 regulator kit.
Choose the model, fittings, accessories, colors, services, price and much more.
Discover the full range of possible combinations that we have studied and set up for you in order to make your purchase complete and personalized.

Once you have chosen the type of regulator connection, choose which option you prefer to add from those available such as pressure gauge, console, hose jacket, regulator bag and many others.

Finally, if you want to receive your ready-to-use kit at home, set up, assembled and tested in all its parts, all you have to do is purchase the dedicated dispenser assembly and test service and our laboratory will take care of everything to deliver your complete purchase. as requested.

If you buy the dispenser assembly service in case you want to receive the original boxes remember to specify it in the notes.

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Apeks Octopus Atx

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Mares Ultraskin Socks

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