Cetma Dynamic Tech Short

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Fins complete with shoes, the fins purchased are shipped assembled.

1) Foot on carbon: The new CETMA COMPOSITES s-WiNG liner allows you to have a larger portion of the blade under the foot (if used in combination with CETMA COMPOSITES blades), practically the foot is completely resting on the blade up to the heel . The underfoot portion of the shovel is about 60% longer than conventional liners. This greatly improves both the transfer of force applied to the blade and in comfort.

2) Sky-boot like: As in a ski boot, the new s-WING shoes have stiffening bands positioned along the entire length of the foot (from the big toe to the heel). These ribs allow an optimal transfer of the force applied by the swimmer without any dissipation due to the deformation of the rubber.

3) High stiffness sole: The new s-WiNG foot pocket has a rigid sole that prevents its deformation under the load of the shovel, this also allows the use of any shovel. The stiffness of the blade housing pocket allows the blade to be perfectly constrained under the foot, improving the efficiency of any blade by about 30%.

4) Open flow system: The new s-WiNG liner has been designed to channel the flow of water, creating a channel that starts next to the foot. This sparless system has been designed to improve hydrodynamic efficiency.

5) Twinzer system: The new s-WiNG liner has been designed with two vertical stabilizers that prevent lateral drift during kicking and at the same time help to channel the water in the most efficient way possible.

6) Anti-twist System: The front structure of the s-WiNG foot pocket is designed with a reinforced U-shaped structure that stabilizes the blade and prevents it from rolling during kicking.

7) Comfort: The new s-WiNG liner has been designed to maximize the comfort of the fit in such a way as to perfectly wrap the foot by following its anatomically profile. For this purpose, 7 sizes from 35 to 48 have been made.

8) Hi-efficiency Water rail: The well-known high-efficiency water rail of CETMA COMPOSITES has been designed, with the aim of minimizing the amount of rubber, with a section with variable height in the length of the blade.

9) No Weight Material: The material used for the s-WiNG liner is an innovative rubber blend that combines the high elasticity of natural rubber with the durability of thermoplastic rubber. The result is a material with a density of 1.05 (grams / cubic centimeter) which means no weight in water.

Carbon fiber fins (Pala) model DYNAMI-TECH
Key features:
1) 100% IM7 carbon fiber blade.
2) The material is PRE-PREG 100% Carbon obtained with hot melt impregnation systems with tetra-functional resin.
3) 3D-Tech: Proprietary technology, CETMA COMPOSITES exclusive know-how, high pressure, high temperature and vacuum, which implies a component with 0% voids, free of defects, and with a constant fiber / resin ratio over the entire shovel.
4) FEM Design: The design of DINAMY-TECH is optimized through a careful finite element design (FEM). The software used makes it possible to ensure an optimal distribution of the stiffnesses in order to reproduce a deformation of the blade which guarantees maximum hydrodynamic performance.
5) BUMP System: It is the innovative effort transmission system that exploits the elasticity of the carbon with differential stiffness, calibrated starting from the heel. This is thanks to the S-WiNG liner supplied as standard.
6) X-Acceleration: Through the engineering design it was possible to distribute the stiffness and the mass of the blade progressively, obtaining a light and powerful blade. The final user feedback is therefore a very low effort corresponding to an incredible propulsion and acceleration. This study is done using the feedback of athletes who engage in indoor disciplines for which immediate power and acceleration is required with less effort than any other shovel on the market. Particularly effective in the push and slide technique for dynamics.
7) Dynami-tech L dimensions: Length from the fold 650 mm; width 185 mm; inclination angle 25 degrees.
8) Stiffness: only stiffness.
9) Logo colors: White.
10) Shoe attachment: CETMA COMPOSITES S-WiNG (already supplied).
11) Water rail: High performance variable height water rails.
12) Warranty: 2 years on the shoes; 5 years on carbon parts (Find out how).
13) Results achieved: 200 meters DYN at the Italian indoor championships.

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