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Sporasub reel attachment kit for beuchat spearguns

Sporasub Reel Attachment Kit For Beuchat Spearguns

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Beuchat rash guard rocksea

Set consisting of top with hood and trousers. Design Trigocamo Beuchat. Top with elastic cord closure at the waist. Pants with elastic seals on the heels. 3 mm reinforcements on the points most subject to wear with non-slip PU cover. It can be used alone or over a black spearfishing suit. Protects from 98% of UV rays thanks to the high UV protection factor (UPF 50+) Mimicry Beuchat Trigocamo 50 years after inventing the isothermal wetsuit for spearfishing, Beuchat takes a furth

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Beuchat focea hood woman 5mm

Hood with smooth and waterproof band. Air leakage system. Equalization system. Cap with printed photoluminescent coating for greater safety in poor visibility conditions. The anatomical gasket at the base of the hood allows a freer movement of the head without letting the water enter.

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Beuchat espadon elite 7mm

Magnificent 7mm wetsuit with a fully flexible neoprene design that will give you excellent flexibility of movement. Its X-Ray Camo camouflage design with monochromatic colors that will allow the underwater fisherman to blend in with the water. It is a two-piece suit with an anatomical cut that adapts perfectly to the body and will provide excellent thermal protection.

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Beuchat equilateral trident

Equilateral trident of the Beuchat. Recommended for underwater fishing.

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Beuchat bottillons premium 4mm

Soft neoprene lined two sides inside Titanium jersey. Non-slip sole.

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Beuchat vr200 soft touch hf

Cold water regulator. Balanced diaphragm first stage with 2 HP ports and 4 MP ports. Finned metal cover to procure to increase resistance to freezing in extreme situations (new). Balanced second stage with Venturi and sensitivity controls. Soft cover with centrally-positioned oval Soft Touch push button for a larger dump zone. Combination of chrome-plated polished brass and high performance plastic to reduce vulnerability to corrosion and impacts. Super Soft braided MP hose. Delivered wit

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Beuchat Vr200 Soft Touch Hf

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Seac Masterdry 7mm Woman

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