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Nubian resin 99 2,5 lt

Fluid epoxy resin, solvent-free, with a degree of fluidity such as to be used also for the impregnation of wood. Resina 99 is used to repair or prevent osmosis on fiberglass hulls, layering, reconsolidation of deteriorated wood, waterproofing and protection of the new wood in non-working life. Resina 99 can be added with additives to obtain structural fillers, extra light fillers or glues. For visible finishes, cover with polyurethane paint to protect from UV rays. Apply in 3-4 coats, undilute

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Nubian thinner and dilatant 81 for enamels and polyurethane primers 375 ml

Nubian Thinner and dilatant 81 for enamels and polyurethane primers 375 ml

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Nubian primerplast 11 750 ml

Primer to be applied on new gel-coat (and on two-component primers). It is used to improve the adhesion of antifouling paints on the gel-coat, or on epoxy primers such as RESINA 90 anti-osmosis, RESINA 99 and FONDO 22. Apply a single non-abundant coat on gel-coat suitably degreased and sanded with fine abrasive paper to remove the residues of release agents and silicones used by the construction site during construction. Stir carefully and apply with a brush, without crossing the brush strokes

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Nubian nubiflex 58 750 ml

One-component elastic enamel for inflatable boats and rubberized canvases of any material, resistant to atmospheric agents and saline. It is applied directly on the rubber, without any bottom, be it neoprene, PVC, Hyppalon or other types. It is important to thoroughly clean the rubber to eliminate the grease and the resultant fabric. Apply 2 coats by brush, directly on the tubular, without the need for primer.

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Nubian key west 54 750 ml

KEY WEST 54 is an antifouling suitable to protect the hull from fouling throughout the season, even if the boat remains stationary in port. Key West is suitable for both sailing and motor boats, also fast. The light blue, red, blue and black colors are not suitable for aluminum, while the extra white color, being copper-free, is suitable for all metals. It can be applied by brush, short-haired roller or airless sprayer, directly on old antifoulings or on a suitable primer (see painting cycle t

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Nubian antifouling 56

Antifouling with high adhesive power and hardness, suitable to protect propellers, shafts, flapepiedimotore from vegetation. The cleaning of the propellers must be very accurate to carry all traces of fat; sanding must be done with coarse abrasive paper (scratching the surface). Do not use solvents to degrease, a surfactant-based detergent is recommended. Apply a coat of PRIMER 15 and two hands of antifouling, apennello, at a distance of at least 24 hours, before launching wait at least two days

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Seac Privilege Xt 7mm Man
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Garmin Vívosmart® 4

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Seac Masterdry 7mm Woman

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Mares Diving Box Trolley

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Apeks Pressure Gauge

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Mares Eos 10rz

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Cressi Quartz



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